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Waiting for Thagya Min

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  • Tea Circle will take a break over Thingyan.

    As we all prepare to welcome Thagya Min to earth and wait to find out whether he will write our names in the golden book or the dog book, Tea Circle will also take a brief hiatus during the Thingyan holiday.

    When we return, in addition to our regular posts, we will be running a series of “Year in Review” posts throughout late April and May. These will reflect on the developments in many different areas, including politics, technology, education, arts, media, and other fields.

    We would also like to thank all of our contributors and readers from this last year. Tea Circle has grown significantly since we started and we are gratified to see that so many of our readers and contributors are coming from Myanmar. We look forward to continuing to provide interesting and insightful commentary in the coming year.

    So, whether you are preparing to enter the monastery, cooking mont let saung, strategizing for throwing water (no ice water please!), or just enjoying time with family and friends, we wish you peace and happiness for the coming year.

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