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From Oxford to Myanmar: Tea Circle’s Website Re-launch

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  • The Tea Circle team announces its website relaunch, Burmese publishing, and upcoming initiatives.

    Since 2018, the Asian Institute at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy has hosted Tea Circle, a Myanmar-oriented site that fills the space between news media and academic journals on Myanmar, producing analysis and commentary informed by current research on the country. In 2021 and late 2022, Tea Circle, supported by an IDRC grant, redesigned its website, developed new secure processes for contributors, and extended our outreach and publishing capabilities to accept posts in English and Burmese.

    Following on these developments, we’re excited to share some of our latest changes:

    Tea Circle’s content is now hosted on our new website:  https://teacirclemyanmar.com/

    The redesigned site enables increased possibilities for access, including dual-language content in Burmese and English, improved search functionality, and the potential to publish a large range of contributions from narrative, reflexive posts to more creative, multimedia audio and visual posts. If you don’t see your ideal format on the site, please contact our editorial team to discuss possibilities (teacirclemyanmar@outlook.com).

    Burmese language posts will now be a standard part of our site moving forward.

    Where possible, we expect to translate all posts so they are available in both Burmese and English. Our talented team of editors and translators will oversee our editorial review and translation process for all submissions. Consider submitting a Burmese language post to our team and review our submissions guidelines here.

    Tea Circle’s upcoming content will continue to focus on our commitments to dual-language publishing, outreach and mentorship initiatives. In particular, we’re open to partnerships with a range of contributors. If you’re an organization or researcher seeking official collaboration with Tea Circle or work with groups that might have people willing to contribute to the site, please contact our Outreach Coordinator (teacirclemyanmar@outlook.com) to share your ideas.

    On the logistical side, we’re phasing out our Tea Circle Oxford editor email. If you’re still in contact with us through the editor@teacircleoxford.com email, don’t worry—we’re still monitoring it! For all future communications and submissions, please direct them to our new email alias on Outlook or Proton: teacirclemyanmar@outlook.com or  teacirclemyanmar@proton.me.

    We look forward to hosting a new range of content for our Burmese and English audiences—one that provides an outlet for folks in Myanmar and beyond to share both research-intensive and more personal, reflexive and creative narratives. As we transition to the new site, we welcome your comments, suggestions and contributions.

    The Tea Circle Editorial Team

    teacirclemyanmar@outlook.com | teacirclemyanmar@proton.me

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